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WorkWide Mobile

We have partnered with WorkWide – a mobile workforce management application that gives remote field operatives access to all relevant information e.g. trouble tickets, fuel deliveries, maintenance tasks, site audits, and project activities.

The purpose of the WorkWide platform is to deliver mobile capability to non-office-based employees, extending task management to the mobile device. The task complexities range from highly integrated Enterprise solutions to standardised solutions for SME’s. WorkWide aims to enable full provisioning, billing, functionality and service through the platform, end-to-end, providing fully fledged PaaS for end-users and reseller consumption.

The Benefits of Managing Your Remote Workforce

Companies are increasingly relying on remote workers to help them save money and take on extra tasks. There are also several benefits to managing a remote workforce, including better communication and collaboration, reduced stress levels, and the ability to work from...

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