announces partnership with Telco solution provider Newflow Systems for integrated workforce management

Sydney Australia 31 August, today announced a strategic partnership with Newflow Systems to help communication service providers (CSP) improve productivity and customer service experience using the Servicely intelligent service management platform.

Developed using Servicely’s low-code intelligent platform, Newflow offers an industry leading Telecommunications Service Management (TSM) solution which represents a new generation of AI and autogenous solution that will make similar products obsolete.

Newflow’s TSM is delivered as an integrated suite of purpose-built modules on the Servicely platform targeted at the Communication Service Provider industry. Bringing Service Management principles to Network Operations, whether that be for Tier 1 Telco or a Tower Company.

“We are excited to partner with Newflow in the Telco Service Management domain to deliver a best-in-class solution which leverages the power of the Servicely platform to automate workflows and augment staff. The Newflow TSM solution will help CSP customers improve productivity and customer service experience while lowering operational costs all on a single system of record.” said Dion Williams CEO of Servicely.

The Newflow TSM solution extends Servicely’s capability from the existing ITSM, Customer Service Management and HRIS solutions already available.

Newflow TSM consists of a fully integrated set of workflow modules that bring significant advantages, which are not achieved by more generic technology solutions. Providing common Network Operations processes and requirements to minimize the amount of complex configuration and customization required to fulfil the role of an ITSM solution within a CSP’s network operations domain. The application has been designed utilizing Newflow’s extensive experience and knowledge of implementations at global CSPs and aligning to the TM Forum Frameworx.

Glyn Sowerby, Product and Services Director for Newflow said “We chose to partner with Servicely because of the excellent development platform they provide. Our TSM solution coupled with the AI and automation capabilities of  Servicely provide truly unique and feature rich TSM solution”

    About Servicely:
    Servicely is an industry leading intelligent service management platform built to help enterprise customers automate workflows and augment staff. Our proprietary approach to enterprise AI abstracts the complexities AI allowing customer to focus on their business. Servicely offers several out-the-box applications ready to use including ITSM, HRIS, Customer Service Management.

    Our low-code platform allows customer to leverage our intelligent platform to create custom applications and workflows at a fraction of the costs of larger low code vendors.

    About Newflow:
    Driven by network technology trends, adoption of cloud-based services and industry consolidation, Telecom companies need to align strategy and operations closely to be positioned for success in a constantly evolving market.

    Working with our partners (ServiceNow, Servicely and WorkWide), Newflow have built applications on these platforms to deliver world-class, end to end OSS solutions for Telco’s and Tower Companies.


      Contact Information

      Charles Osburn: CEO
      Newflow Systems Limited

      Telephone: +61 499 791 216