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“Service impacting interruptions can span both networks and IT, thereby making an accurate impact analysis difficult. With Newflow’s combined CMDB this holy-grail becomes a reality. This has been made possible by combining the telecommunications best practice (eTOM) and the IT industries best practice (ITIL) into one standard model. Now the underlying cause of Service interruptions can be automatically identified and assigned to the correct engineer,- whether they are in Networks or IT” – Charles Osburn, CEO Newflow Systems.


✓ Reduce integration costs by adopting standards-based information models.
✓ Save time by starting with a mature framework and 1,500 entities developed and vetted by subject matter experts.
✓ Mandate conformance to the Information Framework and save time and money during vendor evaluation and procurement.
✓ Speed time to market by using well-understood integration interfaces.

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A global, non-profit industry association focused on simplifying the complexity of running a service provider’s business.

With more than 220 of the worlds leading service providers as members, TM Forum represents more than 85% of the global Communications market.

Offers Service Providers a truly extensible information model that utilizes existing and new telecoms industry defined SID class structures (ABE’s – Aggregate Business Entities) – 1,500 entities.

Enables CSPs to properly model their infrastructure and business entity relationships
Provides inherent interoperability across the B/OSS platform.