Embrace Service Management and Hit KPI’s… or Lose Your Job

Requests come into your IT department every day. These repetitive tasks are soul-crushing, boring and time-consuming. Your Service Teams are drowning in a mountain of repetitive tasks.

Let’s face it, you’re spending far too much money on service management products that aren’t working.

Your sales teams are too busy updating their CRM Systems to close business.

Teams want AI and automation… and they want it now!

Servicely is a SaaS based ITSM solution. It learns the customer’s behaviour and remembers the past. It builds its own knowledge base and keeps track of repetitive tasks, so if that event happens again, it already knows the solution and presents it.

For example:

“My account is locked.” 99% of the time it will be that they have forgotten their password. The solution is quickly and easily presented without bothering the IT team.

Servicely allows you to:

  • Track how well the business operates
  • Speed up task management and completion
  • Cut back on labour costs
  • Reduce errors in processing
  • Streamline approval processes
  • Improve the customer experience
  • Increase scalability of workflows

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“With Servicely, customers can now cut costs and take control of workflows across their business”.