Service Management Specialists

we assist organisations to increase efficiency through innovative workflow-enabled technology solutions.

ServiceNow Partner

With a vision to help Customers realise and leverage the true power of the NOW platform.

About Us

Newflow Systems is a specialist and focussed Service Management company offering; industry consultancy, implementation services, managed services, leading products and in-house developed telecom solutions.

Driven by network technology trends, adoption of cloud-based services and industry consolidation, Telecom companies need to align strategy and operations closely to be positioned for success in a constantly evolving market. Our aim is to assist organisations increase efficiency through innovative workflow enabled technology solutions in and around the service management space.

Improving customer experience is our vision and we achieve this by digitising your business.

Newflow also develop applications to deliver world-class, end-to-end BSS / OSS solutions for the Telco and Tower Co markets. With our extensive industry knowledge and customer understanding, we help our clients to secure and generate revenue from their towers.

Working with our partners (ServiceNow, Servicely and WorkWide), Newflow have built applications on these platforms to deliver world-class, end to end OSS solutions for Telco’s and Tower Companies.

Why Choose Us?

  • Specialist Telco Domain Expertise

  • Global Market Reach

  • Highly Skilled Consulting Team

  • Agile based Implementation Services

  • Modern Architectured Solutions

  • Proven Experience and Industry Reputation

  • Investment in Knowledge and Innovation

  • Investment in Client & Partner Relationships